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October 27th 2011   Thursday night   Exclusive ...Paris Hilton was drinking & dancing & partying at a Halloween costume party at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in California. Paris was wearing a black 1950’s style sunglasses a big red ribbon bow in her hair with black cat ears & a red dress  & shoes with white polka dots. Paris was also showing off some major cleavage & a black bra. Paris was wearing loads of metal bracelets & a huge ring. Paris was carrying a black designer purse to match. Nicky & Greasy Bear Brandon Davis both wore red devil horns while Brandon  wore a Hugh Hefner style robe. Paris was in a bad mood &  ran up to the photographer who was taking  pictures of her & stole his cell phone right out of his hand because she couldn’t get his camera. The photographer tried getting his phone back but security blocked him from Paris.That’s robbery Paris. It’s So unlike Paris. Good thing was just an old cheap Black Berry & not the new iphone 4Gs. That would be Felony grand theft in Nevada. I wonder if that’s a violation of her cocaine probation.