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Ability_July18_Britney_Spears_9.jpg 19th 2010   ..Britney Spears covered up her head with an ugly brown designer handbag purse while her bodyguard fetched Britney her Starbucks coffee. After Britney drove off two crazy X17 photographers named, Filipe Teixeira & Sandro Rodriguez stopped traffic & ran other cars off the road while the third photographer chased Britney. They did all this just so they could get exclusive pictures of Ms. Spears. The photographer Filipe Teixeira  was driving the dark blue Audi SUV plate number 6EZD050 was dangerously close while taking pictures out of his car while driving. Filipe has numerous complaints about him & even was involved in a hit & run accident a few months ago but police have yet to do anything about it. The other crazy photographer Sandro was driving the gray Toyota SUV plate number 5ZWV439.You can actually sign up for a class action lawsuit against these photographers at the link below .. Attached is a picture of Sandro and Filipe, in Sandro's car talking to Britney's bodyguard.  Were not sure why Britney's bodyguards need to talk to x17 photographers but it happens quite often.  Perhaps there is a reason x17 has the largest Britney archive???. .Filipe Teixeira has a reputation for assaulting other photographers who try to shoot Britney Spears...Filipe Teixeira.Nextel Direct Connect # 124*147852*1.Employer: May 24th,2010 approximately 2:00 PM driving silver BMW SUV chasing Britney Spears in white BMW..Last seen by turning left onto Sunset from 405 Exit following silver Rav4 Sandro Rodriguez (x17) and Black Rav4 (Fame.).Country of origin: Brazil. .Primary Job:.Britney Spears Paparazzo.Works in Calabasas.Most often can be found at Intersection of Calabasas Road and Parkway Calabasas at Low-P (Exxon). Also, can be found sitting in car on Park Granada near Kardashian Dash store.. . .Other Vehicles often driven by Filip