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Septemeber 22nd 2010 Exclusive.Matthew McConaughey in disguise just like Mel Gibson..PICKING HIS NOSE..Matthew was directing a country music video for the singer Jamey Johnson. Matthew was also acting in the video wearing a weird Halloween Batman looking mask. In one scene Matthew pulls the pants off a muscle bound bodybuilder. The huge muscle man was wearing a rainbow colored speedo & Matthew was wearing his signature J.K Livin. t-shirt.. Matthew covered the bottom half of his face with a blue Do-Rag so the public wouldn't recognize him. Matthew was running down Hollywood Blvd being chased by a drunk Monkey Ape Gorilla. It looks likes Matthew was sporting a little bit of a beer belly. In another scene three skanky blonde girls poked fun of the drunk Gorilla who was drinking alcohol on Hollywood Blvd.