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10-22-09   ..The LAPD witnessed an extremely intoxicated Dennis Quaid and his wife leave Phillipe Chows restaurant on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood around 1:30am. Dennis got behind the wheel of his Black SUV clearly over the limits. The LAPD pulled up right next to him and told him "Dennis don't make things worse than what they are", Dennis replied, "Oh I wasn't going to drive anywhere, I was just going to park here". Dennis quickly got out of the vehicle and went back into the restaurant. The LAPD cut him a break and didn't arrest him for DUI. Dennis waited 15 minutes and then went home in a Blue Beverly Hills Taxi. The Escalade SUV was left at the Restaurant.  A very lucky Dennis Quaid escapes the Mighty D.U.I ...AbilityFilms@yahoo.com.805-427-3519.www.AbilityFilms.com